The Catholic Men's Society of Great Britain.

St. Mary's and St. Paul's, Hamilton Branch.

Dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

                                                         Who are we?                                                  The Short version        

                                             A small group of Catholic Men who meet once a month to talk about their faith.

                                             How does it work?

                                           Some prayer. A bit of organisational business. A meditation and a discussion on a particular topic. 

                                           Each year there is a nationally worked out topic - this year Spirituality in the world of today. Issues 

                                           considered include the place of the Mass in our lives, the family, modern science's impact on 

                                            procreation, the family, the dignity of mankind, human spirituality.

                                                Who is welcome?

                                           Anyone who wants to talk about their beliefs and the challenges of living up to their faith in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.


                                                                      The Longer Version

Mission: To know, love and serve God, his Church and our neighbours.

The Journey:

         Personal formation: The Plan.

         The Plan:  guides members through a study of a particular aspect of the Faith. It may be based on a 

         papal encyclical, material issued by the Bishops' Conferences or other material.

        This year's topic is "The Church"

Spiritual Formation:

          Prayer - making a collective effort to develop our prayer life

         The Mass promotion - encouraging one another to continue to develop an appreciation of the Holy Mass

          Retreat Promotion - attend a spiritual retreat once a year.

         Social formation:

        Working in the local parish and community

Taking an active interest in the life of the Church and social issues.

Supporting 'Let the Children Live' and 'Missio'.


Our meetings take place on the First Monday of the month after 10 a.m. Mass, in

the meeting room. Coffee/tea and a sandwich will be provided.

For those who would prefer an evening meeting there is a Diocesan Central

Branch meeting on the third Monday of each month after 7p.m. Mass in Holy Family,Mossend