Prayers Before the Meeting

O Most Holy Mother of God, seat of wisdom and refuge of sinners, we your children here assembled in your name most reverently and lovingly invoke you.
Deign to look down from your high throne in heaven on our undertaking. It is humble, but you have made it great and your name has made it sacred.
We are very weak and ignorant, be our strength and enlightenment, obtain for us a generous and self-denying approach in our efforts, a wise and holy prudence in our councils, humility in our thoughts, charity in our words and a  mutually loving, forbearing and fraternal spirit.
Keep far from us all pride, obstinacy, rivalry, contention, self-conceit and self seeking. Obtain for us in whatever we think or say or do this day, that we may have not other motive, will or aim than the glory of God and the salvation of souls.
So that what we have begun in your name may not be wholly unworthy of your patronage, and loving you in life we may be succoured by you in death and received by you in heaven.

Prayers after the Meeting
O God, who was pleased that all generations should call the Mother of your Son "blessed,", grant that we who meet together may ever remember that we are her children who is the Mother of purity and are under her patronage, who is the Queen of Heaven.
Inflame us with a generous and ardent zeal for your glory and for the salvation of the souls you have so dearly purchased.
Inspire us with a profound submission to your holy will, an utter distrust of ourselves, and an absolute confidence in you. Give to our work that blessing without which all work is fruitless.
Give to our deaths that peace which is the pledge of eternal joy.
Give to our souls that rest for which they are created ; for our hearts, O Lord, are restless until they rest in you.
And grant that as we meet here as brothers, so may we one day meet before your throne and together sing your praises, who are the God of our hearts and our portion forever. Amen

Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood.
The harvest is great but the labourers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the Harvest that he sends labourers into his Harvest."  (Luke 10.2)

O God, who did from eternity appoint your only begotten son to be the High Priest of the human race, pour forth, we beseech you, the Holy Spirit upon our families, that vocations to the priesthood may be multiplied in our diocese.
O Lord, give us priest, and holy priests-
To offer up the unceasing sacrifice of the Mass,
To lead the little ones unto thee,
To strengthen the faith of believers,
To preach the gospel to the ignorant,
To bring forgiveness to repentant sinners,
To give the Bread of Life to starving souls.
To comfort the suffering, to help the dying,
To spread the Kingdom of Heaven in our midst.

Oh Mary, Queen of the clergy, pray for us, obtain for us and increase of holy priests. Amen.