On this page we invite prayers for any special intentions submitted to us. These will normally be non-specific e.g.

"Please pray for a friend who is undergoing major surgery soon" where personal privacy is an issue but obviously

public issues will be more precisely mentioned. Please submit intentions through the 'contact us page'.

This week we invite prayers for our Church

Pray for healthy and holy personal relationships within the Church.


Almighty God,

Have mercy on all who bear me evil will and would harm me

Forgive their faults and mine together;

Amend and redress and make us saved souls in heaven together,

Where we may ever live and love

Toghether with you and your blessed saints,

O glorious Trinity,

through the bitter passion of our sweet Saviour.                    St. Thomas More, 1478 - 1535





 and for our clergy, especially those about to take on leadership roles in the Church.

Keep them, I pray Thee, dearest Lord,

Keep them, for they are Thine -

Thy priests whose lives burn out before

Thy consecrated shrine.

Keep them, for they are in the world,

Though from the world apart

When earthly pleasures tempt, allure, -

Shelter them in Thy heart.

Keep them, and comfort them in hours

Of loneliness and pain,

When all their life of sacrifice

For souls seems but in vain.
Keep them for
they have no one but Thee,

Yet they have only human hearts,

With human frailty.

Keep them as spotless as the Host,

that daily they caress;

Their every thought and word and deed,

Deign, dearest Lord, to bless.