Our spiritual promotion

Each person's Spiritual Journey is a personal one.

The Catholic Men's Society doesn't try to evaluate our own or anyone else's place on that journey merely to help and encourage each other and those around us. 

We do this through taking part once a year in a Retreat day.

At each branch meeting there will be a short meditation  and, of course we try to keep the sacrifice of the Mass at the centre of our lives.  

This encourages us to play an active part in the spiritual life of the parish.

The big question that stood out from the branch meditations last year was Christ's question to St. Peter,  "Do you love me?"

This question was repeated three times with increasing emphasis on the importance of the question. "Do you really, really love me Peter?" 

This was not like an insecure young girl seeking reassurance from her beau. This was a challenging question with the consequences

of this declaration of love stated. "Feed my lambs." and "Feed my sheep."

If we aren't willing to spread the word. We aren't fully appreciative of how much we should love Jesus.